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Mayhem Competition Results / Congratulations KILLKENNY

M4yhem, Sep 12, 11 9:56 PM.
As you all know, the Mayhem competition has come and gone. So, without further ado, here are the results to the competition:

Top 3 prestige earners:

1st Place: FIFELON
2nd Place: SPCCASH
3rd Place: DOG_TOWN17

Congratulations you three, you have done Mayhem proud!

The MVP results were voted on by Mayhem's leadership crew (Leader / Vice Leaders)

MVP Results:

1st: pr0mega 
2nd: mo22y

On another note, I would like to speak for our entire crew when I say CONGRATULATIONS to one of our heavy hitters and an all around good guys, killkenny. As you all know, he was recently promoted to a vice leader role for Mayhem and, more importantly, just welcomed some new life into the world.  I don't think anyone can argue that he doesn't deserve it, dude is LEGIT.


OKAY, I quoted "WAR" because this was definitely a laugher. At lease HH2 took their beating. Jaded, a supposedly "top" alliance on our server, declared war on us with a laughable letter to our leader, CockleBurr. As always, our leader did not take their threat lightly and soon after his reply, we were at war. Only, this was more of a constant beat down than it was a war. I may be wrong, but did ANY of our guys get hit by Jaded? I don't think anyone did. Here is a direct quote from Laura39 of Jaded during and after an attack that Lourdette and pr0mega did on her sub:

"Oh, we are at war eh? haha, I had no clue! I wonder what JadeQueen did to start this? Oh well... I mostly get on to chat on WC when I am bored, cheers mate!"

... Lord save us all.

3 vs 1? Bring it on...

M4yhem, Sep 2, 11 8:22 PM.
A War is on the Horizon....

Thats right, it seems that getting a piece of Mayhem is hot commodity right now. After dismantling both Big Titian (extinct) and HH2 (soon to be extinct), X Factor and The Lords have joined forces to try and take Mayhem down. The reason this war is starting is still cloudy, but what I do know is that some of the X Factor members have been harassing our Vice Leader, Lourdette. Like I have said in previous news posts, Lourdette is Mayhem's "Queen Bee". That being said, messing with her should not be and WILL NOT BE tolerated, I don't care what Alliance they may be from. 

Honestly, I don't think these Alliances know what they are getting themselves into. Yeah, they have some "heavy hitters" in the top 500 ranks, but there is one thing that they do not have that only Mayhem does: Outstanding teamwork and communication. 

Within minutes of getting the WAR announcement from Burr and DaNutz, our very own Onega and mo99y (MO) have compiled lists of both the Lords and X Factors' coordinates for our picking. Both lists are saved and have been sent out to your Haypi inboxes. This time around, I will wait before I publicly post these lists due to the probability that we have a spy accessing our website. We know he is there :) ... Hi Spy!

If you need these lists emailed to you, contact pr0mega in Haypi and he will send you the information in a more secure form. 

Let the games begin! I will post updates on the war periodically over the next week. SEE ALL OF YOU IN ALLIANCE CHAT!

HH2 Update, Bitchslap nominations and more....

M4yhem, Aug 23, 11 11:59 AM.

Well, there is nothing much to report here since this has probably been the most one sided Haypi war in the history of server 74. Here is a short breakdown of what has ensued:

Shock and Awe ordered by CockleBurr against HeadHunt2 - The moment our leader sent out the letter regarding his interaction with HH2 leader Jump1234, our heavy hitters rallied their troops together and immediately started gathering intel on HH2 member locations (mains, subs, oasis', forts). Using great teamwork and communication, we were able to put a chokehold on HH2 from the get go. Jump1234 basically turned inactive from all the pressure we were putting on him with our coordinated attacks. HH2's biggest player Ernie0 was seen complaining constantly about DaNutz, CockleBurr and Onega constant attacks in world chat. 

Official HH2 Coordinates list conceived - Thanks to Mayhem member mo22y, a full list of HH2 coordinates was manufactured and added to our website for all Mayhem to use and abuse. This was the end for HH2. 

Interesting facts about war - If you check the alliance rank screen, you will see that we have created a 5000 point advantage on HH2, who before the war was only behind up by a few hundred prestige points! Well done! They have fallen in the ranks from 12 overall, to 13th. How did this happen? Constant farming and raiding! They had nothing to donate to their alliance army and therefore could not support their own alliance. We also took their mine from them with out overwhelming alliance army.

Another fact we learned is that Ernie0 is a whiner and an attention seeker. Early on, our leaders thought it might be a good idea to try and recruit Ernie0, so we kept attacking him until he quit HH2 and joined Mayhem. But, after seeing him whine in WC to everyone and basically seek attention, our Queen Bee Lourdette decided to squash the recruitment efforts and call Ernie0 a winey attention wh*re in World Chat. This, my friends, is why she is Mayhem's leading lady! 

Bitchslap Nominations:

First off, I think we should give recognition to Vice Leader DaNutz for coming up with such a great event name! A Mayhem Bitchslap is basically something only a good, well disciplined alliance can accomplish. Basically, we choose an individual who has wronged someone in our alliance and we gather all the information we can on this individual. Once everything is in order and a plan has been manufactured, we gather our troops, pick a spot, and simultaneously attack the poor soul until he/she crumbles. Like me, I am sure all of you have someone who constantly irritates you in the game. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO PAY THEM BACK AND POSSIBLY SHUT THEM UP FOR GOOD! Later today, I will be creating a poll that will consist of a list of personal enemies that you all will nominate. Over the next day or so, we will vote to see who will get the ultimate punishment. 

How to nominate: Send a letter to either CockleBurr, DaNutz or pr0mega with the name of the person (exact spelling) you would like to Bitchslap. Another way to do it is to comment on this news thread with the name and I will add it to the list. Finally, DaNutz has created a forum topic called "Bitchslap" that you can always post names of people that you do not like. I will add ALL of these names to the poll.

New Members:

I'd like to send out a warm Mayhem welcome to all the new members we have added in the last week or so. Our alliance is growing steadily and becoming a force to be reckoned with. New guys, never hesitate to ask for help or browse the site for information. The first thing I (pr0mega) learned about this alliance when I joined was that it is a VERY active alliance who really care for your well being. Our heavy hitters WILL back you up and help you with whatever you need. Never be afraid to ask! Be sure to register your names to this website when you get a chance.


Welcome to Mayhem!

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